Learn Big Data

  1. Scalable

Increase in the creation and collection of data is often seen as hold-up for Big Data analysis.

  1. Cost-effective

Hadoop clusters have been determined to be a very cost-effective solution for expanding datasets.

  1. Performance

Hadoop is a distributed process and distributed storage huge amounts of data with high speed. 

  1. Flexible

The built-in failure protection of Hadoop connected with its use of commodity hardware makes it very attractive.

Who can learn this course


It is a great opportunity for students who have graduated and looking for great career opportunity that has an immense scope


Entrepreneurs starting their business and looking to scale it through Big Data 


Professionals looking to upgrade their skills in Big Data  and leverage the same to grow their skill sets.


Freelancers looking for an opportunity to earn passive income.


People working from home looking to add that extra skill that will help them boost their income.