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Java is one of the most widely used software programming languages in the world. The Advanced Java Training Program is designed in such a way to give you stepping stone to work on advanced and latest technologies. Designed for beginners and professionals, the course will train you the core programming concepts and equip you to write programs to solve complex programs & work on the server application.
Advanced Java Course mainly focuses on skills needed for software development, website development, android app development. At the time to training, you will be learning advanced concepts like J2EEServletsJSPWeb Services and Frameworks like HibernateSpring etc that will help you out to kick-start your career.

Why you should learn JAVA?

Java is one of the most popular languages all over the world. I am not saying this word because I am a passionate Java developer. But it is proved from the last 20 years by the java community. It is a great time for any programming language to stay in the day to day changing market from last two decades. After graduation, many students have the same question that which language is best for a career opportunity? Is to start with C and C++ or should I have to learn JAVA? In my point of view, all languages are best in their own place. But the more important things that are which is the long-lasting and java is from the last two decade.

5 Reasons to Learn Java in this era.

1. Java is very easy to learn

Many people shocked when they hear a statement that Java is easy to learn but the main things are that they want to achieve java skill with a span of time. As warren buffet has also said that Every great thing takes their time, you cannot produce 9 babies with 9 mothers within one month. And when a programmer tries to make a big project with spent a little bit of time on coding with Java, then the result will be obviously not great. Once a programmer becomes familiar with installing JDK and setting up Path Then JAVA coding will become easy.

2. Java is an Object-Oriented Programming language

Another reason for making java famous is that it is working on oops concept like Abstraction, Encapsulation, polymorphism, Inheritance that  Make it easy for programming.

3. Java has rich API

Also, One of the most reason to become famous of java is that it works on its rich API. Java also provides API for I/O, utilities, XML parsing, database connection, networking, and many more…

4. Java is Free to use

If you are Indian and you are at starting Phase of coding then you always try to that software which is free.  And JAVA is one of the programming languages that are free to use.

5. Java is Platform- Independent

When Java comes in its market the main point to become famous of java is that it is platform-Independent. You can write once and Run anywhere this is said about JAVA

6. Java is Everywhere

It is on Desktop, PC, Mobile, Computer. This is saying, on my own experience. Because its community is so large that every company wants to make its new program with JAVA Developer.