If everybody looks for a job then who will create it? India is experiencing the window of youth bulge. That’s a good thing but trouble is and will remain when these youth will not be able to find a adequate employment. We should not prepare ourselves to get a good job instead we should try to create jobs.

Skill club India in collaboration with many Investors house like start up buddy, fluid venture , Trying to create more job creators by providing Incubation Support

We need more job creators then job seekers on a serious note .Creating a job is tough but we need to take the calculative risk If not now then never. This youth population should be strength for the country not curse.
We should not live to survive only but to thrive. Otherwise, we will just be happy by finding a job in top most MNCs like Google, Facebook, thrive. Otherwise, etc. but innovation will not be in our side


It's the time to think seriously on it

Establishing businesses is important for a country’s progress as it augments economic and employment growth. State and central governments are continuously launching new and attractive schemes to encourage their citizens to come up with innovative business ideas. Setting up an enterprise depends on one’s capacity, which differs from person to person. If the enterprise must come up in a rural environment, the dynamics are more complex compared to the urban context.

Rural enterprises are business entities, which by the means of effective use of local resources, promote revenue generation and act as agents of social change at the grassroots level. These entities not only play a pivotal role in the wholistic development of the rural economy but also contribute to the economic growth of our nation. The establishment of a large number of profitable enterprises in a region can bring in government investment, attract private participation, generate local employment, bring partnerships and secure funding apart from channelizing idle savings into business entities.

Rural Growth.

Rural enterprises are the best way to use local resources, which leads to prosperity and economic growth. It, in turn, spurs avenues for employment, which has a direct impact on the levels of migration. Therefore, to ensure the development of a viable business model to better support aspiring rural entrepreneurs, it is fundamental to ensure that manpower, money, material, machinery and understanding of the market is complete.

economic growth

But things are easy to say but hard to be get it done. Although Rural enterprises are pivotal for our country’s growth, but the challenges are many, such as poor infrastructural facilities and the access to capital. Though the Government has taken steps to counter the challenges, sustained and focused efforts are needed. With the right support, access to training and finance, we can help rural entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, create jobs and drive economic development in their communities.

Without the handholding support the youth of remote Areas will not be able to develop the entrepreneurship environment. Skill club India is deeply concern about it and that is why we are trying to create micro incubation centers in various colleges in remotes areas of India so that we can get good number of start-ups from villages.

Skill courses can nurture entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen within rural and tribal communities. By providing training in areas such as entrepreneurship, business management, marketing, and financial literacy, individuals can establish and manage their enterprises. Entrepreneurship not only creates local employment opportunities but also contributes to community development and self-reliance. This is why Skill club India is trying to develop in village community.

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