Yuva Tourism Club

Embark on unforgettable journeys,
explore new cultures, and create
lasting memories with exciting
youth tourism experiences.

Empowering the Yuva Tourism Club

Government of India has taken a great Initiave to establish Yuva Tourism Club in every Schools College and Universities level.

The Government of India, our Ministry of Tourism launched The Yuva Club to foster and grow the next generation of Indian tourism ambassadors who will be knowledgeable about the country’s tourist opportunities, enjoy its rich cultural heritage, and become passionate about the industry.

Skill Club India is thriving this campaign by helping YUVA CLUB to make them competent by providing different level of training and mentorship so that they can boost up the community tourism and community economy. Skill Club India is taking the following steps to help Yuva Tourism Clu

Arrange Field Trips and Excursions
Skill club India is supporting the Yuva Tourism clubs in different states to empower themselves and to connect with community tourism. Get Register with us and get empowered to empower the community

BIGG Reasons to Join Yuva Club!

Joining the Yuva Tourism Club can offer several benefits and opportunities. Here are some reasons why you should consider joining:

The Yuva Tourism Club offers a great setting for mingling with other students and tourism industry professionals. You can meet others who share your interest in travel and tourism by becoming a member of the club.

To promote skill development in the tourist industry, the club hosts a number of events, courses, and activities. You can discover new trends and technology through these activities, improve your industry expertise, and hone crucial abilities like leadership, teamwork, and communication.

Yuva Tourism Club frequently works with travel industry professionals, companies, and organizations. As a member, you'll get the chance to speak with professionals in the subject, take part in field trips and attend guest lectures.

The club may take part in volunteer and community service projects that have anything to do with tourism, such as encouraging responsible tourism, running awareness campaigns, or assisting regional tourist initiatives.

Tourism and global understanding are intimately related in terms of cultural interaction. You can learn about various cultures, traditions, and viewpoints by participating in cultural events, exchange programs, or overseas travel that the Yuva Tourism Club may arrange. Your horizons can be opened up, multicultural understanding can be encouraged, and your global perspective can be developed.


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