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Gauri Shankar


What is Python? Why should we learn Python?


Python is the most popular and fastest-growing language in current times, Python is simple and easy to learn it has not any complication or tough rules. It is one of the most popular languages for beginners. Compare to other difficult languages it is very easy to understand. Python is a popular and high demand, It is very popular at this time and also the speediest expanding language because of its reputation and many uses. Developers have highly paid mainly in machine learning, web development, and data science. In python, you don’t deal with complicated language. python enables you to work cross-language operations. it helps by most platforms from Windows to Linux, play station, among others.

Python has an array structure to develop a website. The popular structure is Django, flask, pylons, etc. These frameworks are written in python its focus idea which makes it quicker and stable.

You can bring details and marked by any websites. Python used in Artificial intelligence. AI is the future of the world you can make a machine that has the power to think, examine and take decisions. It gives the ability to learn without explicitly programmed. Python is handled every online and offline project it is applied to create computer applications, it uses Tkinter to give a fast and easy way to make applications.

It is also used in game development using a module pygame. Python is excellent in proving concepts or outcomes for authorized businesses. Python has various built-in measurement structures that include debugging & most active workflows. There are several tools and modules to create things more comfortable such as Selenium and Splinter.

It supports experimentation with cross-platform & cross-browser with frameworks such as PyTest and Robot Framework. The examination is a slow task and Python is the booster for it, so all tester should allow for it! Python handles a lot of quarrels of data. It stays parallel computing where you can use Python for Hadoop as well.  Python, you have a library called “Pydoop” and you can compose a MapReduce program in Python and manner data present in the HDFS group.

Python is the first language of common data scientists. For years, educational scholars and individual researchers were doing the MATLAB language for scientific study but it all began to develop with the publicity of Python numerical engines such as ‘Numpy’ and ‘Pandas’.

Python more chances by the tabular, matrix as well as analytical data and it even reflects it with famous libraries such as ‘Matplotlib’ and ‘Seaborn‘.


Jobs after Python

1. Python Developer

2. Product Manager

3. Data Analyst

4. Educator

6. Data journalist and many more.